Vintage Collection

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The Vintage Collection from Italian Manufacturer Target Studio, is a unique design and neutral palette which adapts to any space, infusing it with vintage flavour.

The chic, subtle texture brings a refined look and is a collection that will compliment any look from cottage to sophisticated. The range is available in five colourways on a 200x200mm glazed rectified porcelain tile.

For more information on this vintage revival contact our store.

g-vintage-unica-by-target-studio-162488-vrel458b42a2.jpg g-vintage-unica-by-target-studio-162488-vrelf93dd89f.jpg g-vintage-unica-by-target-studio-162488-vrelc342839d.jpg g-vintage-unica-by-target-studio-162488-vrel5550aa7f.jpg g-vintage-unica-by-target-studio-162488-vrelebbab224.jpg
Giglio Ginestra Iris Soffio Nero