Timber Tiles

If you've always thought that tiles are the best option for flooring, and yet you just can't get the idea out of your head of having a beautiful wooden floor, then timber tiles could be the perfect option for you. One of the biggest trends in flooring, timber or wood tiles offer a perfect compromise between the practicality and durability of porcelain and the good looks of wood. Tiles are easy to lay, easy to look after, and extremely tough. They don't break easily, are resistant to heat and cold, and of course, they won't suffer if they get damp in the way that wooden floors and laminates do.


While real wood or wood-effect laminate flooring can look really good when laid properly, it doesn't have the benefits of ceramic or porcelain tiles. It can warp, it can shrink, split, crack, needs sealing and treating, can be damaged by spills and moisture ... need we go on?

With the introduction of digital printing techniques, it's now possible to create porcelain and ceramic tiles that do a pretty good impersonation of wood. Of course, they're never going to feel, or smell, exactly like the real thing, but they offer durability and have the ability to withstand moisture that wood never can.

As a stockist of timber tiles, Melbourne based Yeomans Bagno & Ceramiche offer a range of wood effect tiles that come in both natural matt and gloss finishes. They've got the added advantage of being resistant to scratches and marks, they won't change colour over time and, if you're thinking that they're going to be a bit chilly underfoot, are the perfect foil for underfloor heating. They don't mark and don't need to be sealed so are an ideal option for large areas of the home, including outdoor spaces; particularly as outdoor timber tiles have a textured non-slip surface.

With Melbourne timber tiles it's now possible to have wood finish floors in your bathroom, without the danger or it warping, rotting, or becoming discoloured. Choose from a range of wood finishes, some of which even have the texture of wood; including oak, teak, poplar, elm, chestnut, whitewood and blackwood.

There's even tiles that have been made to emulate bamboo and raw packing crates and pallets, if you're looking for something a little different. Our timber tiles also come in a variety of colours and sizes, including long, thin plank tiles that imitate real floorboards, and a huge range of faces, so that you can achieve a random pattern. As you can see, you really can get the feel of real wood without all the hassle.

If you want to see our timber tiles for yourself, head on down to our showroom in Eltham, and discover how these cheeky little copycats can change your floors for the better. We've a wide variety in stock, with many different styles on display such as the best Parquet Tiles Melbourne has to offer and Rustic Tiles.

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