Stone-like Shower Base

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40.00 KGS

Trendy Stone-like Shower Bases


Made in Italy by quality bathroom manufacturer ARBLU, Trendy Stone-like range of shower bases is a leap forward in design and functionalty for a traditional bathroom application. 

Anti Slip resistant, Antibacterial and easy to maintain, Trendy Stone-like shower bases is a great addition to any bathroom makeover.

Trendy Stone-like shower bases are made of a blend of high quality stone minerals and synthetic resins. They are avaialble in 6 colours and over 20 different sizes from a small as 700mmx900mm through to 1400mmx1000mm.

Key Features

  • Strong surface resistance like stone, yet soft to touch
  • Thermal shock and UV ray resistant
  • Antobacterial 
  • Anti-Slip surface
  • Single Solid surface - no grout lines
  • Comes with stainless steel AISI-304 drain cover
  • Availble in 6 colours
  • Availble in 20+ sizes

Key Benefts

  • No need to screen, simply make floor level and attach with adhesive
  • No grout lines
  • Can be installed on surface or flush mount finish
  • Easy to cut to suit any angle





  • Regular cleaning with non abrasive bathroom products
  • Persistant spots can be removed with white vinegar
  • Products containing solvents or acids must be avoided
  • light scartches can be removed with car polish or beeswax


Weight is approximate and will need to be finalised at time of delivery.

Some items in stock, otherwise expect 6-8 weeks delivery.

Price in inclusive of GST.

Other Accesssories not included

2 Year Warranty