Handmade Tiles

hand-bw-200px.jpgIf you're looking to add a luxurious finish to your floors or walls, handmade tiles could be the perfect option. Currently right on

trend, they've got a natural appeal that simply can't be achieved by mass-produced, factory-made products. With their imperfect edges, differences in glaze consistency and colours, all these things don't detract from their appearance, but rather enhance their unique beauty. 

Here at Yeomans Bagno & Ceramiche we offer one of the best selections of beautiful handmade tiles Melbourne has available and, far from breaking the bank, you'll find that our prices for all our tiles, are very competitive.


When handmade tiles have their glaze hand-brushed on before being baked in a kiln the consistency and uniformity of the colour can never be guaranteed. In fact, due to the firing process and variations in temperature, the final colour achieved is likely to vary quite considerably from tile to tile. 

Furthermore, as the tiles cool, the glaze is likely to set differently and may even develop slight cracks, called 'crazing'. These perceived imperfections are the things that give handmade tiles their unique and appealing character. 

We stock a wide range of stunning handmade tiles in Melbourne which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and which are the perfect way to add a special touch to walls and floors. From our handmade Subway tiles, with their minimalistic utilitarian feel to our luxury handmade Mexican tiles, there's bound to be something that appeals to you, whether you're looking for contemporary styling or something a little more classic and traditional. 

Our handmade fishscale tiles are ideal for adding dramatic impact to any area of your home, and work particularly well in swimming pool areas, while our handmade Spanish tiles are equally at home in contemporary or period homes. 

Terracotta tiles offer a traditional rustic finish, and come in a range of different sizes and formats. A cost effective way to add both character and class to your home, they're the perfect choice if you love the feel of Mediterranean styling and old world charm. Our handmade Mexican tiles are suitable for both bathroom and kitchen walls, and are imported direct from Mexico into Australia. 

While they offer the same kind of looks and qualities as French, Moroccan and Spanish handmade tiles, they come at a much more affordable price. Vivid in both colour and texture, they're available in a vast range of colours and decorative patterns, and it's clear to see that they've been handmade. 

Moroccan fishscale tiles are becoming an increasingly popular trend, due to their unique shape and their appealing charm. While they've been used in the Middle East for centuries, we're only just beginning to appreciate the versatility of these unusually shaped tiles. Perfect for large restaurant bars, showers, kitchens and pool areas, they offer a distinctive look for any home or business. 

If you'd like to see our handmade tiles for yourself, visit our showroom in Eltham.

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