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Bathroom Tiles

Are you looking to update your bathroom? Perhaps you've chosen your new bathroom suite, but you're lacking a little inspiration for your tiles? If so, a visit to Yeomans Bagno & Ceramiche is a must, as we stock one of the best ranges of bathroom tiles, Melbourne has available in our Eltham tile showroom.


Choosing tiles for your bathroom can sometimes be a little daunting. After all there are so many variations to choose from. There's marble tiles and ceramic tiles, porcelains and stone tiles, wall and floor tiles, coloured or white, subway or herringbone, and that's just for starters. As you can see, the choice is endless, especially when you start to add in colours, textures, sizes and shapes.

It's no wonder that choosing tiles for your bathroom can seem like a mountain to climb. Of course, your ultimate choice will come down to a few considerations; your personal taste, the practicality of the tiles, and your budget, but if you're struggling to make a decision, here's a few tips for you.

1.           Choose your 'must have' tile first

You've probably got the 'perfect tile' in your mind's eye. Maybe it's a spectacular or unique accent tile, or maybe you know that you want a simple minimalistic white or black subway tile. Whatever's in your mind, use that as a starting point, and then you can rule out all the rest.

2.           Don't choose more than 3 different tiles

We know that you may have difficulty narrowing down your choices but, in reality, keeping it simple and themed, will look much better than a mismatch of tiles. You'll typically choose a floor tile, wall tile and an accent tile. Perhaps you can add interest with a coloured accent tile and keep the floor plain white? Or maybe pull out some of the colours from the accent tile you love.

3.           You only need one show stopper

A showstopper should be just that. Add more than one and it ceases to have the same effect. Never be afraid to use your bathroom to show off your personality, however keep to one showstopper if you want to create the wow factor.

4.           Don't forget maintenance

One of the main reasons for tiling walls and floors is that they provide a low-maintenance option for wet and damp areas. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are virtually maintenance free, while stone is porous and holds dirt and grime more.

5.           Consider scale

Large tiles are definitely on trend right now, especially for floors, and can look great in both large and smaller spaces.

If you'd like more help and advice on choosing the best bathroom tiles Melbourne has to offer for your, our expert staff are always on hand in our tile showroom in Eltham. Drop in and have a chat. We'll be happy to see you.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles Melbourne

With a reputation for being both durable and available in a wide variety of colours, textures, patterns and styles, ceramic tiles are a very popular choice for bathroom walls and floors. If your main considerations are colour or texture, ceramic comes up trumps on both accounts. However, the sheer variety of ceramic times is endless, which can be both a blessing and a hindrance, as it can make finding the right tiles for your bathroom, a difficult task.

If you're looking for ceramic bathroom tiles, Melbourne based tile experts Yeomans Bagno & Ceramiche have an outstanding selection of tiles on offer, plus our experienced staff are always on hand to give advice; especially if you're not sure whether ceramic tiles are your best choice. Let's start by taking a look at why many people choose ceramic tiles for their bathrooms.

First of all, ceramic tiles tend to cost less than those made of porcelain, plus they're much lighter making them practical for both walls and ceilings. However, they're not as strong as porcelain, so they're not ideal for floors, particularly as they are also very cold underfoot, unless you install underfloor heating. You'll also find that you can buy accessories, such as soap dishes and edging to match your tiles, which will give your bathroom a much more unified feel.

Ceramic tiles can be glazed or finished, whether that's with a smooth or textured finish. While they're not as strong as porcelain, what they lack in strength, they make up in price. They're one of the most cost effective tiles on the market, hence one of the reasons for their popularity. As they come in textured finishes, they can add a little extra something to a bathroom wall, although too much texture in areas such as showers, can make for difficult cleaning; so it's best to keep textured tiles for areas which won't get covered with too much water.

One reason for using ceramic bathroom tiles is their ease of maintenance, although you always need to check that they've been treated with a durable finish before you commit to buying. All you need is a little scrubbing brush and soap to keep them pristine, and always spot check any new detergents before you use them.

They're also a popular choice as they're relatively easy to lay. Many people do it themselves, especially as today's modern tiles even have directional arrows on the rear, to tell you which way they go.

If you're considering updating your bathroom with some new ceramic tiles, why not drop into our tile showroom in Eltham and speak to our staff? We'll do everything we can to make your decision easier, and can help with all aspects of tiling.

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